Iceland Photo Exhibition

I spent the Autumn 2016 in Iceland on exchange at Bifröst University. During that time I learned how to properly use a camera and editing software Lightroom, thanks to my roommates!

I produced a +40 picture exhibition for the municipality of Hattula. The exhibition was open in the central library in August 2017 and it received excellent reviews. During a month’s time, thousands of guests visited my exhibition and voted for their favorite snapshot of Iceland’s beautiful, but brutal and raw scenes.

Fun fact: I created a ”real-life Instagram” for the exhibition by putting a heart next to every picture. The customers could vote for their favorite picture by placing a heart sticker next their favorite image. This idea was well-received and I applied it also to my Singapore – City of Gardens exhibition.

Diamond web, Karoliina KauhanenWinter berries, Karoliina KauhanenRam (C) Karoliina KauhanenFaroe Islands Doggo (C) Karoliina KauhanenFaroe Islands Collision (C) Karoliina Kauhanen