Häme Medieval Festival

Since 2015 I have been a part of a production crew for the biggest medieval festival in Finland, Häme Medieval Festival.

During my time the festival has had annually more than 24,000 participating customers during the festival weekend in August. I have also been in the production of side-events during the year such as workshops, dinners, weddings, marketing events and flash mobs.

The job consisted of being the right-hand-woman for the Executive Producer. I took care of social media content creation, marketing management, customer and stakeholder care and development and sponsor- and partnership negotiations. Behind the scenes I also helped with running errands, such as managing the hundreds of food & beverage vendors and salespeople as well as planning event security for an area of more than 8 hectares. I also helped with managing the program, hiring and hosting artists and taking care of more than 200 volunteers during the event.

Fun fact: For several years I was managing and developing an area inside the festival called Children’s Fief! This area was dedicated for children of all ages to learn medieval handcrafting skills, enjoy performances or perhaps smash each other with boffer swords!

Karoliina Kauhanen hahmokoulutus.jpg
Me conducting a ”Build-a-Medieval-Character” Workshop